June 28, 2018

USA Cycling And U.S. Bicycling Hall Of Fame Announce The Agreement

USA Cycling along with the United States Bicycling Hall of Fame (USBHOF) have made announced on a new agreement. The agreement will include sharing elements of the historic content of Hall with the membership base of USA Cycling, joining hands to expand the participant number who nominate and select the members of Hall of Fame, and engaging the community of USA Cycling in fundraising to support the Hall of Fame.

In the longer-term, the USA Cycling and U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame (USBHOF) has a target of holding the annual induction ceremony of Hall in communities worldwide and displaying the portions of the memorabilia collection at cycling events periodically. The Hall is located in Davis, California.

May 27, 2017

Jonathan Tiernan-Locke On Driving Ban

Not everyone can keep up with the high standards that are expected out of professional riders.

One such instance can be cited of Jonathan Tiernan-Locke. He has been recently found guilty of exceeding the limit of drinking and driving as it exists in Cornwall. He has been handed a ban of 41 months as a result. His past as a Great Britain rider and part of Team Sky does not seem to be coming back to his life again. The ban was imposed on him some months back and would be on for quite some time.
The legal limit is 80 mg of alcohol in a blood sample of 100 ml in Cornwall and Tiernan-Locke was found to have exceeded this limit by more than double the amount when he stopped while driving his Ford Ranger. He was not only subjected to a ban, but also to a fine and costs that totaled £315. This is not the first time he has been subjected to a ban from driving as he suffered a similar ban in July 2015. He had been signed on for the 2013 season by Team Sky.

He was suspended from the British World Tour team in 2014 due to a two year suspension he suffered before the 2012 World Championship. The victory that he obtained in 2012 for the Tour of Britain was stripped off him as a result. He did return to racing in the month of February 2016 when he finishes in the second position and was part of the Primavera Road race. He rode several domestic races in 2016 and stated that he would not be returning to international races any more. The recent ban seems is a sign of him not finding his motivation yet which might be a reason he fails to remain free from the influences.

March 23, 2017


A British Cycling coach from Fleet, Laura Orme is asking youngsters and teenagers alike to get on their bikes and cycle.

To help them achieve this, Orme has set up a new club for all youngsters in Hart and Rushmoor who are between the ages of five and 16.

The past three months has seen her working tirelessly in order to finish the setup of the new kids GoRide cycle club for the Hart and Rushmoor area. Fleet-based Pedal Heaven is sponsoring the project.

The first session of the cycling event will begin on Saturday, 4th March from 9:30am at the Court Moor School in Fleet. Laura has expressed her happiness and she says she cannot wait for it to begin.

“This is wonderful news for the world of cycle sport and young, raw talent in our area. When I decided to set up this club and put a post for registered interest on Fleet Parents Facebook, I was inundated with over 80 replies. We have opened the club to 30 local children initially but we have a waiting list of over 40 due to popularity and demand,” she said.

She went on to talk about her experience as a teenager, how she had been born with a rare joint disorder known as Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita, a disorder where her feet were twisted and classed as severe club feet.

Noting that she spent many of her teenage years on crutches, she was however thankful that she finally managed to ride a bike without having to use stabilizers.
She also put a lot of effort into studying and graduated from human genetics before going on to land job as a clinical cytogeneticist at the Great Ormond Street Hospital.

January 3, 2017


Optimistic that the team will continue in the new season, Ben Swift has said in a recent interview that he is confident that the TJ sport project will not round up just yet.

Despite the prolonged uncertainty about the fate of the team, the rider is unperturbed as he is currently focusing on the most important thing to him now – training.

The TJ sport team has been originally slated for the upcoming world tour. They were to be a part of the ranks but an unfortunate event had caused them to miss the deadline set by the UCL. The team had encountered some difficulties in securing their funding from the Chinese sponsors. This default in deadline has led to a widespread speculation that the team will be unable to go on and might fold before the next season.

However, recent information has said that the team management has been able to secure funds from the Middle East and that the squad might be able to perform. In forthcoming competitions with reduced funding, this would mean that the team would be able to take up a slot in the worldtour.

This may still be wild speculations as the UCL is yet to make an official statement about the fate of the team at the world tour, although an announcement has been scheduled.

“I texted the team the other day once we heard that things were moving forward because I wanted to know about stuff. The team said it would let us know soon but that they were waiting for the right protocol from the sponsors before they released information, to be honest, I’m in the dark as much as everyone else,” Swift had said in the interview.

He went on to add that he believes the team has kept its members in the dark because they have been working away. He said he has not really pushed because he understands that everything will be going as planned.

October 12, 2016

Energy Of Participants At Tour De France

With the Tour de France recently concluded, most people are still under the effects of what they have witnessed.

The tour routes are lined by thousands of viewers who wait by the sidelines to cheer the champions on. The cyclists are muscled, mean and lean men who ride on and pedal their way across a total of 2187 miles. The route of this tour covers country sides, mountains and French hills. There are about 198 men who cycle in this annual famed cycling event. However, women are still excluded from this tour. It has been seen that the men who take part in this event are among the fittest men across the world.

The energy they exude during the courses is considerable and infectious. Cyclists often do not use many of the gears that are provided in their bicycles. The energy that they build up in these events can be put to good use if we could only harness that power. It has been estimated that the energy they exude can light up about 20000 light bulbs and keep them lighted up for about 3.2 days. The energy is building up as these participants cover a total of 432957 miles. This energy can light up the Empire State building for a total of 48 minutes or an average home in France for about 663 days. It could run an American home for about 170 days. The energy can brew about 114356 coffee pots and drive a Tesla car for about 18000 miles. These are figures that were gathered by MET scores, average weight and finish time of the competitors in the event. It helped to arrive at the figure of the total amount of calories burnt. The top racers pedaled enough to be able to power a washing machine for about 51.6 hours or create energy to keep light bulbs of 100 watts burning for 258 hours.

August 3, 2016

Sagan Tops World Rankings

As Tour de Suisse comes to a conclusion Peter Sagan is found to be topping the world tour individual ranks of UCI.

As he won the tour he has been able to topple his team mate Tinkoff by 14 points. The Slovakian gained the first position as he usurped his team mate Alberto Contador. In nation and team rankings both Spain and Tinkoff continue to lead.

Today Sagan has acquired a total of 343 points which is ahead of Contador by seven points. Richie Porte of BMC is in the third position with 290 points. Sagan won in two successive stages. He also set a new record for the race and wore the yellow jersey of the leader. Contador had been fifth in the Criterium du Dauphine race, which has now been succeeded over by Sagan. In the top ten positions the big move has been that of Jon Izaguirre who has occupied the fifth position from the 21st position.

Other winners include Miguel Lopez, who is a winner in the Tour de Suisse and enters the world rankings at the 29th position. He has picked up a total of 109 points from the race that was concluded in nine stages. His team member Jarlinson also moved from 146th rank to the 42nd position as he obtained fourth place in the Swiss race. Movistar and Tinkoff remained in the top among team rankings with points in the eight hundreds. The last team is a Dimension Data along with IAM Cycling. With these changes most of the racing champions are now gearing up for the next upcoming cycling event that is the largest in the world. Tour de France with 21 stages is considered the benchmark for any professional cyclist and would be starting on July 2nd for the whole world to watch.

April 21, 2016

UK cycling infrastructure is nothing compared to Netherlands’, reports

Britain would not present Dutch levels of biking facilities as well as investment till the twenty-third century, a top United Kingdom cycling charity has warned.

Te blueprint of the government to get more people walking and cycling in Britain would see this spend £316 million over the next 5 years, but the CTC told that the present rate of spending is just not enough.

The Cyclists’ Touring Club’s Paul Tuohy told that they have got this magnificent ambition for cycling and they want to alter the whole mantra on how they look upon cycling as a way of getting about. This is magnificent, but the numbers does not stack up. They does require a lot more investment to reach the levels they look for.

He added that their estimates are that if they want to get to the Dutch levels, at the present spending, that is going to take till the twenty-third century. That is not very good.

In Netherlands, a total of twenty-seven percent of journeys are made by bike, but in the United Kingdom, this number drops to just two percent. Netherlands spend £24 each person each year on cycling, whereas in the United Kingdom the number invested outside London is only £1.39 each person.

Amsterdam’s city cycling chief Iris van der Horst said that the first thing United Kingdom need to concentrate on making cyclists feel safe. You can plan and you can invest, but safety has to be the very first concern. You want everyone on their bike, from 4 year olds up to 84 year olds. It has been a success in Netherlands, but it did not happen overnight.

April 7, 2015

Hein Verbruggen Asked To Step Down By Cookson

UCI honorary President Hein Verbruggen would be asked to step down by UCI chief Cookson.

The resignation is demanded on the basic of a report that has alleged him of conspiring with Armstrong & other cyclists to conceal the doping offences.

Hein Verbruggen has been the UCI chief from 1991 to 2005 & still maintains a senior designation in the cycling governing body as one of the honorary personnel of International Olympic Committee. He has been accused of staying involved in one among the biggest hush-ups in the sporting history.

As per the reports, Cookson would soon be writing to Verbruggen regarding the latter’s resignation.
“I’m really concerned about the findings of the report & I would be soon sending a letter to him. I will personally ask him to step down from his current honorary post that has conferred on to him as he retired from his presidential days”, stated Cookson.

“It’s not that whatever he did was wrong or bad. He was one of the most crucial figures to strengthen this organization. However, the report shows that he made some decisions that time that were more focused on safeguarding reputation of this sport instead of safeguarding the very integrity of this sport. There’re some serious judgment errors & Hein must ponder over his position at present.”

In case, the honorary UCI President does not accept Cookson’s proposal, then the matter would be handled by UCI Congress.

“It was UCI Congress which bestowed on him the esteemed honor & they might reconsider it in September”, Cookson stressed.

The UCI President agrees with CIRC report that suggested that doping is still a critical issue for the contemporary professional peloton.

“Though it talks about substantial improvement regarding doping issues in cycling yet it also said that there is still space for more improvement.”

March 25, 2015

Armstrong to ride for Livestrong Fundraiser

Lance Armstrong is all set to ride for Livestrong Fundraiser for the first time since his disgraceful doping confessions that ripped him off all his Tour France titles. The Livestrong Fundraiser is a marquee event meant for collecting funds for cancer survivors.

The erstwhile cycling champ signed up for the charity ride on February 2nd. The ride would be held at Austin, Texas, where Armstrong had donated $5,000 donation & set up his Lance and Friends” squad with many long-time participants.

It was in 2012, that Armstrong participated in the Livestrong Fundraiser event for the last time. That was shortly post the disclosure of USADA’s exhaustive report highlighting the rider’s illegal consumption of banned performance-enhancing drug. The disclosure not only saw Armstrong stripped off all his titles but Livestrong too severed all bonds with him.

Ironically, it was Lance, a cancer-survivor himself, who launched this charity in the year 1997. It had a change of name in 2003 and since then has been known as “Livestrong. As per the documents from the foundation, the organization has raised over 500 mn USD as the funding for its mission that is “to empower and inspire people suffering from cancer.”

“Lance has signed up for fundraising squad which will participate in Livestrong Challenge at Austin in the month of October. He registered for this charity ride on 2nd February and made a donation of $5,000”, stated a report confirming the participation of Armstrong at Livestrong charity ride.

While approached on his remarks about participation in the Livestrong ride by betting site titanbet, the former champion remarked that he is “humbled & proud” of the organization.

Livestrong officials have stated that they warmly welcome Armstrong’s fundraising efforts. “He has registered to take part at our annual riding event”, informed Ellen Barry, the spokeswoman from Livestrong.

February 25, 2015

Yates Feel Armstrong Was Unfairly Treated

Sean Yates of Tinkoff-Saxo told BBC that his ex teammate Lance Armstrong was not treated in a fair way according to the investigation which was carried out by the proof of doping.

After the publication of report, Armstrong was banned and he himself confessed for the crime that he committed as far as doping is concerned. There were others involved as well but he was a huge figure was hunt was the biggest. Yates feel disappointed the way he was treated in comparison to others.

The decision was not based as per the mind of the individuals concerned henceforth, he is going to be put to rest and his name will be cleared in a matter of few years. Yates retired in October 2012 as the director of Team Sky and this season he is back with Tinkoff-Saxo.

He will be with Alberto Contador. However he wants both Froome and Contador to give his best shot. The recent traffic incident has also put the blame on him. His wife, Anna Hansen did accept the blame on his behalf for the hitting case of the cars in the parking area so that it did not turn out to be a national issue.

Lies have become a part and parcel of his life for which he is not taking up responsibility and yet on his living wall yellow jerseys are positioned. He is certainly not a bigger fraud as he points out. He is sure that his image will be rehabilitated and his aim is to reach the Senate. He already has various names attached to the crimes which he has to clear to get his image clear first. He is also trying his level best to win back his friends. He also clears the stand that his girlfriend did not dump him after the incident.