June 22, 2014

Banned Aussie Rider Receives Clearance To Ride

Great news for Michael Rogers fans- the Aussie cyclist who was sentenced with a ban from UCI given positive reading on drug test has finally received clearance.

Rogers was accused for the intake of prohibited drug clenbuterol in Japan Cup final season which he won the past year.

The 3 time time-trial world champ is naturally happy with UCI’s recent decision and confirmed that he is all set to get back to his sport is earliest possible time. However, UCI’s clearance does not forgive Rogers’ Japan Cup victory last October which would be stricken out from the rider’s record.

Post his 1st positive test, the Aussie cyclist was suspended provisionally. However, the Olympian was firm on his innocence.

Early this week, the UCI officials informed about their acceptance of the 34-year-old rider’s explanation which claimed that the positive reading on the test was because of contaminated meat. The Olympian stated that he had the contaminated meat while he participated at Beijing Tour in China.

“Upon a careful & thorough analysis of Micahel Rogers’ explanations & technical reports, UCI feels that it’s significantly probable that the very presence of the clenbuterol drug might have come from contaminated meat consumption”, stated one of the official statements from UCI.

The Tinkoff-Saxo man participated in the Beijing Tour prior to contesting at Japan Cup.
Rogers was elated with the latest sanction from UCI. In one of his recent tweets he posted- “I received this extremely amazing news today that UCI has finally decided to clear the period of ineligibility. Thus UCI has lifted up the provisional suspension order on me. UCI have acknowledged that the very presence of drug Clenbuterol was given my consumption of contaminated meat- as I have always stated. UCI have confirmed no negligence or fault from my side.”

June 10, 2014

Safety For Cyclists

The criminal justice system is deteriorating to defend the pedestrians and cyclists according to the crusaders. Many of the cyclists are likely to meet at the Edinburgh for the final pedal on Saturday on parliament dispute. In the mean time the transport minister Keith brown has declared an additional £4.5m investment in cycling who will be present at the protest.

The associates of cycle law Scotland would like the government to initiate a scheme of alleged liability in civil cases. The motorist is presumed to be accountable for damages, loss or injury until and unless they might prove in other way, in such cases.

Near about nine cyclist were killed and 898 cyclists were injured in 2012 on Scotland roads. This figure has been shown by the cycling campaigners. But the facts recommend only a minor number of such crash effects in driver being reported to the administrator monetary.

Brenda Mitchell of cycle law Scotland uttered that the statistics showed that there were 400 occurrence involving cyclists and motorists in 2012 in Lothian and borders but out of them only 44 were referred for trial. That implies there is not healthy system of legal rule in the place.

Ms. Mitchell whispered that the present criminal law offers all the protection that cyclists and pedestrians require. This is one of the opinions used against a system of severe liability for defenseless road users.

If drivers are regularly accused of reckless driving offenses then it would change the behaviour of the drivers and at the same time defend the cyclists. However the Scotland government has inquired whether the beginning of the presumed liability will make the country street safer for the pedestrians and the cyclists.

The transport Scotland, the Scottish government and all other safety road partners, including the guys at Soldeu Bike Park, are enduring to work together making an attempt to enable the cyclist to utilize the Scotland road safely.