Armstrong to ride for Livestrong Fundraiser

Lance Armstrong is all set to ride for Livestrong Fundraiser for the first time since his disgraceful doping confessions that ripped him off all his Tour France titles. The Livestrong Fundraiser is a marquee event meant for collecting funds for cancer survivors.

The erstwhile cycling champ signed up for the charity ride on February 2nd. The ride would be held at Austin, Texas, where Armstrong had donated $5,000 donation & set up his Lance and Friends” squad with many long-time participants.

It was in 2012, that Armstrong participated in the Livestrong Fundraiser event for the last time. That was shortly post the disclosure of USADA’s exhaustive report highlighting the rider’s illegal consumption of banned performance-enhancing drug. The disclosure not only saw Armstrong stripped off all his titles but Livestrong too severed all bonds with him.

Ironically, it was Lance, a cancer-survivor himself, who launched this charity in the year 1997. It had a change of name in 2003 and since then has been known as “Livestrong. As per the documents from the foundation, the organization has raised over 500 mn USD as the funding for its mission that is “to empower and inspire people suffering from cancer.”

“Lance has signed up for fundraising squad which will participate in Livestrong Challenge at Austin in the month of October. He registered for this charity ride on 2nd February and made a donation of $5,000”, stated a report confirming the participation of Armstrong at Livestrong charity ride.

While approached on his remarks about participation in the Livestrong ride by betting site titanbet, the former champion remarked that he is “humbled & proud” of the organization.

Livestrong officials have stated that they warmly welcome Armstrong’s fundraising efforts. “He has registered to take part at our annual riding event”, informed Ellen Barry, the spokeswoman from Livestrong.