Optimistic that the team will continue in the new season, Ben Swift has said in a recent interview that he is confident that the TJ sport project will not round up just yet.

Despite the prolonged uncertainty about the fate of the team, the rider is unperturbed as he is currently focusing on the most important thing to him now ā€“ training.

The TJ sport team has been originally slated for the upcoming world tour. They were to be a part of the ranks but an unfortunate event had caused them to miss the deadline set by the UCL. The team had encountered some difficulties in securing their funding from the Chinese sponsors. This default in deadline has led to a widespread speculation that the team will be unable to go on and might fold before the next season.

However, recent information has said that the team management has been able to secure funds from the Middle East and that the squad might be able to perform. In forthcoming competitions with reduced funding, this would mean that the team would be able to take up a slot in the worldtour.

This may still be wild speculations as the UCL is yet to make an official statement about the fate of the team at the world tour, although an announcement has been scheduled.

ā€œI texted the team the other day once we heard that things were moving forward because I wanted to know about stuff. The team said it would let us know soon but that they were waiting for the right protocol from the sponsors before they released information, to be honest, Iā€™m in the dark as much as everyone else,ā€ Swift had said in the interview.

He went on to add that he believes the team has kept its members in the dark because they have been working away. He said he has not really pushed because he understands that everything will be going as planned.