Energy Of Participants At Tour De France

With the Tour de France recently concluded, most people are still under the effects of what they have witnessed.

The tour routes are lined by thousands of viewers who wait by the sidelines to cheer the champions on. The cyclists are muscled, mean and lean men who ride on and pedal their way across a total of 2187 miles. The route of this tour covers country sides, mountains and French hills. There are about 198 men who cycle in this annual famed cycling event. However, women are still excluded from this tour. It has been seen that the men who take part in this event are among the fittest men across the world.

The energy they exude during the courses is considerable and infectious. Cyclists often do not use many of the gears that are provided in their bicycles. The energy that they build up in these events can be put to good use if we could only harness that power. It has been estimated that the energy they exude can light up about 20000 light bulbs and keep them lighted up for about 3.2 days. The energy is building up as these participants cover a total of 432957 miles. This energy can light up the Empire State building for a total of 48 minutes or an average home in France for about 663 days. It could run an American home for about 170 days. The energy can brew about 114356 coffee pots and drive a Tesla car for about 18000 miles. These are figures that were gathered by MET scores, average weight and finish time of the competitors in the event. It helped to arrive at the figure of the total amount of calories burnt. The top racers pedaled enough to be able to power a washing machine for about 51.6 hours or create energy to keep light bulbs of 100 watts burning for 258 hours.