Jonathan Tiernan-Locke On Driving Ban

Not everyone can keep up with the high standards that are expected out of professional riders.

One such instance can be cited of Jonathan Tiernan-Locke. He has been recently found guilty of exceeding the limit of drinking and driving as it exists in Cornwall. He has been handed a ban of 41 months as a result. His past as a Great Britain rider and part of Team Sky does not seem to be coming back to his life again. The ban was imposed on him some months back and would be on for quite some time.
The legal limit is 80 mg of alcohol in a blood sample of 100 ml in Cornwall and Tiernan-Locke was found to have exceeded this limit by more than double the amount when he stopped while driving his Ford Ranger. He was not only subjected to a ban, but also to a fine and costs that totaled £315. This is not the first time he has been subjected to a ban from driving as he suffered a similar ban in July 2015. He had been signed on for the 2013 season by Team Sky.

He was suspended from the British World Tour team in 2014 due to a two year suspension he suffered before the 2012 World Championship. The victory that he obtained in 2012 for the Tour of Britain was stripped off him as a result. He did return to racing in the month of February 2016 when he finishes in the second position and was part of the Primavera Road race. He rode several domestic races in 2016 and stated that he would not be returning to international races any more. The recent ban seems is a sign of him not finding his motivation yet which might be a reason he fails to remain free from the influences.