King Finally Released From Hospital Post Training Crash

Great news for Dani King fans- the leading Olympic champ has been finally released from hospital after almost 2 weeks post a traumatic training crash.

The much adored rider was hurried to hospital for surgery after she suffered 5 broken ribs and collapsed lung during her severe training crash early November. The leading Wiggle Honda cyclist, who along with Joanna Rowsell and Laura Trott won gold at 2012 London Team Pursuit, had to spend a couple of days in the ICU at Prince Charles Hospital at Merthyr Tydfil.

The accident happened near the hospital when one rider from King’s group crashed down while riding through puddle that lurked a menacing pothole- pulling down Dani & many other cyclists on training there.

King had to stay in the hospital for around a fortnight to ensure that the harmful fluid filling up her lung post the collapse is being drained out completely. The famous 23-year-old cyclist is now released for home to recuperate with the hope of a fast recovery.

King was in great admiration of the clinical staffs at the Prince Charles Hospital who assisted her throughout on her route to recovery after the severely traumatic crash.

“Obviously the past eleven days were really traumatic not only for me but for my family & friends as well”, stated the Olympic champion. “But the care and treatment that I received here at this very hospital have been really incredible. All NHS staffs have been of great help & support for me. I would always be deeply grateful to them for the very unbelievable care I have experienced here at this Prince Charles hospital.”

King went on-“I would also love to convey thanks to my so-incredible family, friends & boyfriend for their constant support to help to overcome this situation.”