O’Grady To Speak At A Charitable Dinner

One of the great riders in cycling Stuart O’Grady will be speaking for the first time publicly since July after his drug confession. Stuart O’Grady who is an Olympic gold medalist confessed in the latter half of 2013 after the Tour de France that he had used some banned blood booster in the year 1998.

The gold medal winner has been invited to a charity dinner coming Friday and he will be giving a speech there. The time is just perfect because it will be before the weekend before the Tour Down Under in Adelaide starts. The fund raised from this special night which has been named as “Ride Like Crazy – Dinner with Stuart” will go to a Neurosurgical Research Foundation and Flinders Medical Centre Foundation which is supported by the South Africa Police.

Stuart’s case is quite similar to the legendary Lance Armstrong who has been banned for his lifetime due to the doping case which he still denies not to have been involved. Previously Armstrong was also invited to such a dinner raising fund program where he got a standing ovation.

With the Tour Down Under just around the corner Fairfax Media has decided to host this charitable dinner program at an apt time. It will however be a bit tragic for Stuart because earlier he had signed for a racing contract for the year 2014 which was immediately cancelled after he made his confession of using EPO.

Experts believe that had he not confessed then the Tour Down Under would have been his last professional ride in cycling and it would have been a hero’s sendoff. The dinner program will also feature two of the current riders namely Cadel Evans and Jens Voigt and also the legendary Chris Hoy who holds the record of winning 6 gold medals in the Olympics.