January 19, 2015

Bjarne Riis Wants Contador To Win Both The Giro And The Tour In The 2015 Season

The manager of the Tinkoff-Saxo team has set his goals for the upcoming season.

He wants Alberto Contador to win the Grand Tours and he wants Peter Sagan, who joined the team recently, to win the classics races. Riis and his team went on a climbing expedition to Mount Kilimanjaro and they returned recently after successfully reaching the summit of the highest mountain in Africa.

Riis said that they must become victorious in the classics race and he also said that Peter Sagan is capable of winning all the classic races. He said that after winning a classics race, the next target would be winning a Grand Tour and he wants his team to become victorious in Tour de France as well as in Giro d’Italia.

The Mount Kilimanjaro climbing expedition was undertaken for the purpose of team building. In the camp, the newer members of the team mingled with the riders who ride regularly for the team. Alberto Contador, one of the regular riders of the team, became the winner of the 2014 edition of Vuelta a Espana in the month of September defeating the British team Sky member, Chris Froome.

Contador wants to win both the Giro d’Italia and the Tour in the 2015 season. No player has yet been able to win two world tours in the same season since 1998. Contador did attempt both the events in 2011 after which he said that it was too much for him and that he wouldn’t try to do it again in future, In spite of that the team is aiming at victory in both the world tour events in the upcoming season.

Bjarne Riis is confident that Contador will be able to win both the world tour events. He said that no rider is more capable of winning the two world tour events in the same season than Contador.

December 4, 2014

King Finally Released From Hospital Post Training Crash

Great news for Dani King fans- the leading Olympic champ has been finally released from hospital after almost 2 weeks post a traumatic training crash.

The much adored rider was hurried to hospital for surgery after she suffered 5 broken ribs and collapsed lung during her severe training crash early November. The leading Wiggle Honda cyclist, who along with Joanna Rowsell and Laura Trott won gold at 2012 London Team Pursuit, had to spend a couple of days in the ICU at Prince Charles Hospital at Merthyr Tydfil.

The accident happened near the hospital when one rider from King’s group crashed down while riding through puddle that lurked a menacing pothole- pulling down Dani & many other cyclists on training there.

King had to stay in the hospital for around a fortnight to ensure that the harmful fluid filling up her lung post the collapse is being drained out completely. The famous 23-year-old cyclist is now released for home to recuperate with the hope of a fast recovery.

King was in great admiration of the clinical staffs at the Prince Charles Hospital who assisted her throughout on her route to recovery after the severely traumatic crash.

“Obviously the past eleven days were really traumatic not only for me but for my family & friends as well”, stated the Olympic champion. “But the care and treatment that I received here at this very hospital have been really incredible. All NHS staffs have been of great help & support for me. I would always be deeply grateful to them for the very unbelievable care I have experienced here at this Prince Charles hospital.”

King went on-“I would also love to convey thanks to my so-incredible family, friends & boyfriend for their constant support to help to overcome this situation.”

October 17, 2014

Columbian Women’s Cycling Uniforms Spark Controversy

There has been an enormous amount of media attention on Columbian women’s cycling team’s uniform that features flesh coloured part between stomach and thighs. It is being said that it attracting sexual attention to the rider’s private parts.

The Guardian went to the extent of saying that it resembled an “unwanted, half-dressed Barbie doll, hanging out of a bin.”

Steyleite , one of the defenders called the design ”Masterpieces of fashion ad feminism.” They added that “The world might not yet be ready for nude illusion yet, but give it one more season.”

Brian Cookson, International Cycling Union President has said that the uniform is “Unacceptable by any standard of decency.”

But in spite of those sharp criticisms, the team said that they would not stop wearing those uniforms.

One of the team members, Angie Rojas said,” I’ve already said that I designed the uniform and as an athlete, as a woman, and as the cyclist that I am, I wouldn’t be ashamed with this kind of design.”

Rojas has also made a name for herself in the world of athletics. As a 22 year old, she has won national titles in cycling and skating. She is also a sports journalist.

She retorted against the controversy via a twitter comment that read,” The uniform may not be the most beautiful and we may not like it, but there’s no need for certain comments.”

For the past nine months, they are wearing these uniforms.

The outfit was so potentially controversial that the BBC was compelled to censor the photos of the women wearing the uniform. Twitter also marked those photos with “sensitive material” warning.

People were outraged over the social media after the photographs were released.
Brian Cookson said,” The UCI will be sending a letter to the Columbian federation reminding them of their responsibility regarding article 1.3.046 in the control of regional and club team kits that compete in international events.”

Nicole Cook, former British Olympic champion tweeted,” This has turned the sport into a joke. Girls stand up for yourselves – say no.”

September 21, 2014

Wiggo Contemplates Team Sky New Contract

Sir Wiggins is reportedly contemplating over new contract from team Sky that was offered to hi lately. The new contract has offered to extend the position of head of a Sky development squad to the 2012 Tour France champ.

Wiggins is slated to meet the Sky management on 16th September with the endeavor to sort out details of the new contract that would have him racing in 2015 as the lead of new development group under Sky umbrella.

Wiggo’s decision to shift back to track before Rio Olympics in 2016 implies that he would be drastically lessening his commitments towards road racing. Rather he has decided to bulk up & target some marquee events like Flanders Tour, Paris-Roubaix & potentially hour record.

Post his time-trial triumph at Britain Tour last Sunday, Wiggins stated that he is determined to race at Paris-Roubaix championship once again following the 9th finish in the month of April.

“The stuffs that I’m about to do for track links in with requirements of that very event”, stated Wiggins.”It would kill 2birds with a single stone. I would probably go for Flanders again, De Panne & all usual build-up.”

Team Sky and Wiggins are looking forward to create a development uniform- potentially with 21st Century Fox, the current Sky sponsor, as backers- that would permit Sir Brailsford’s squad to come up with a pool of young Brit talent.

The solution would permit Bradley to maintain his part with Team Sky.
In the meantime, a cycling uniform which makes women cyclists look naked near midriff down area has created huge uproar all across the cycling zone, mostly from female riders. UCI too has expressed its fury branding the kit as “unacceptable” The UCI President Brian Cookson has even declared to take action against such indecent portrayal of women in cycling.

August 26, 2014

Wiggo prepping high for RideLondon Classic

Leading male cyclists from different parts of the globe are all prepping up for RideLondon-Surrey Prudential Classic and so is Sir Wiggins. The 2012 Tour France hero would be spearheading Team Sky at this race.
Wiggo’s team includes Luke Rowe, Ben Swift & Ian Stannard.
The race would commence from around 1 pm on Sunday.
“I am very much eager for the race and excited to get my place back on road with Sky”, stated Wiggins while asked to speak a few lines on the esteemed race.
“I have always relished contending before home crowd & have wonderful memories of cycling through this particular route at Olympics. The enormous support that we received then was simply unbelievable & it was all same during Britain Tour last year as well. Thus, it seems to be really special”.
Wiggo’s Brit counterpart Cavendish was about to participate in the race yet he chose to go for Tour I’Ain that is to start from 12th August in France.
The RideLondon Classic is reportedly the final tournament of London Mayor event where Giorgia Bronzini, the Italian rider emerged victorious at Grand Prix beating world # 1 Marianne Vos.
Bronzini was duly assisted in her endeavor by star teammates Laura Trott & Peta Mullins.
According to sources around 24 thousand members of public are about to set off all through the day for the very prestigious RideLondon 100.
2012 World Champ and famous French cyclist Phillipe Gilbert is one of the top favorite contestants of the race. The other stellar names are Aaron Gate, Scott Thwaites, Shane Archbold, Tom Scully & Luke Davidson- all of them secured medals in Commonwealth Games. With the Olympic knight and so many great names dotting the afternoon race, the race is surely going to be a spectacular one for the spectators,

July 22, 2014

The Luxurious Are Indulging In Cycling As A New Hobby

Britain has found a huge fan following of cycling as it has increasingly become popular. It has become such a rage that the luxurious are opting for a cycle than Ferrari and driving it on roads.

The tribe popularly called as the MAMILS will be busy in the roads with the Tour de France beginning in Yorkshire.
The costume is going to be shorts and day-glo. The characteristic of MAMIL is that they are above the age of 35 and afford luxurious clothing. May be few years down the line they would have gone in to buy any luxurious cars but as of now they are gearing up for fibre bike which is carbon and cost 5100$. It is Michael Oliver a specialist in marketing who came up with a name called as MAMIL. In fact it is predicted that the word is marking its way to the dictionary.

The sudden change of hobby to driving bicycles has largely come due to economic factors that are playing its part and to cut off unnecessary expenditure cycling has emerged as the new trend in Britain attracting all classes. For health reasons too cycling proves to be very beneficial in getting rid of the excess adipose tissue and rich supply of blood circulation – its one of the reasons that more and more people are going on mountain bike holidays. The jaunts across the country are filled with riders during the weekends. Further the cyclists can also enjoy a tour when participating in the events by taking their family along.

Hence the new wave of cycling that has appeared in the neo colonial era is something very encouraging but care has to be taken of accidents and then during storm and rain it is better not to cycle. Otherwise lot of positives has emerged out of the new wave across Britain and hopefully other countries will follow suit.

June 22, 2014

Banned Aussie Rider Receives Clearance To Ride

Great news for Michael Rogers fans- the Aussie cyclist who was sentenced with a ban from UCI given positive reading on drug test has finally received clearance.

Rogers was accused for the intake of prohibited drug clenbuterol in Japan Cup final season which he won the past year.

The 3 time time-trial world champ is naturally happy with UCI’s recent decision and confirmed that he is all set to get back to his sport is earliest possible time. However, UCI’s clearance does not forgive Rogers’ Japan Cup victory last October which would be stricken out from the rider’s record.

Post his 1st positive test, the Aussie cyclist was suspended provisionally. However, the Olympian was firm on his innocence.

Early this week, the UCI officials informed about their acceptance of the 34-year-old rider’s explanation which claimed that the positive reading on the test was because of contaminated meat. The Olympian stated that he had the contaminated meat while he participated at Beijing Tour in China.

“Upon a careful & thorough analysis of Micahel Rogers’ explanations & technical reports, UCI feels that it’s significantly probable that the very presence of the clenbuterol drug might have come from contaminated meat consumption”, stated one of the official statements from UCI.

The Tinkoff-Saxo man participated in the Beijing Tour prior to contesting at Japan Cup.
Rogers was elated with the latest sanction from UCI. In one of his recent tweets he posted- “I received this extremely amazing news today that UCI has finally decided to clear the period of ineligibility. Thus UCI has lifted up the provisional suspension order on me. UCI have acknowledged that the very presence of drug Clenbuterol was given my consumption of contaminated meat- as I have always stated. UCI have confirmed no negligence or fault from my side.”

June 10, 2014

Safety For Cyclists

The criminal justice system is deteriorating to defend the pedestrians and cyclists according to the crusaders. Many of the cyclists are likely to meet at the Edinburgh for the final pedal on Saturday on parliament dispute. In the mean time the transport minister Keith brown has declared an additional £4.5m investment in cycling who will be present at the protest.

The associates of cycle law Scotland would like the government to initiate a scheme of alleged liability in civil cases. The motorist is presumed to be accountable for damages, loss or injury until and unless they might prove in other way, in such cases.

Near about nine cyclist were killed and 898 cyclists were injured in 2012 on Scotland roads. This figure has been shown by the cycling campaigners. But the facts recommend only a minor number of such crash effects in driver being reported to the administrator monetary.

Brenda Mitchell of cycle law Scotland uttered that the statistics showed that there were 400 occurrence involving cyclists and motorists in 2012 in Lothian and borders but out of them only 44 were referred for trial. That implies there is not healthy system of legal rule in the place.

Ms. Mitchell whispered that the present criminal law offers all the protection that cyclists and pedestrians require. This is one of the opinions used against a system of severe liability for defenseless road users.

If drivers are regularly accused of reckless driving offenses then it would change the behaviour of the drivers and at the same time defend the cyclists. However the Scotland government has inquired whether the beginning of the presumed liability will make the country street safer for the pedestrians and the cyclists.

The transport Scotland, the Scottish government and all other safety road partners, including the guys at Soldeu Bike Park, are enduring to work together making an attempt to enable the cyclist to utilize the Scotland road safely.

April 1, 2014

Froome successfully completes Volta e Catalunya

Slovenian cyclist Luka Mezgec registered a comfortable victory in the first stage of the Volta a Catalunya, whereas Chris Froome was successful in finishing it safely in the peloton. Mezgec capitalized on the support provided by his teammates at Giant – Shimano team to beat his closest opponent, Leign Howard of Orica – Greenedge , to clinch the title at Calella.

The third place was occupied by Omega Pharma’s Julian Alaphillipe who showed good performance to make his name among the star studded performance list of the event. Chris Froome was a major attraction of the Spanish event as lot of eyes was on the veteran’s performance. But he was able to negotiate the course without any incident after the undulating final course was followed by a rapid descent towards the destination. This was a huge challenge for Chris Froome and the crowd were ecstatic when the veteran went past the final line.

There was a serious lack of sprinters in the competition and it reflected on the slow start to the race, but as time went by, Mezgec was able to take an early lead of four seconds right before the tougher stages of the race. The rest of the race was not very difficult for the Slovenian as he gave one of the best performances of the season which prompted him to the pole position.

Chris Froome is one of the most well known faces in the cycling world and has been a constant feature in almost all the major races of the season. The veteran was not a surety for this race as he was hesitant about participating, but he was able to finish the race well and without any kind of incident. The next round of the race will take place tomorrow and the crowd must be excited to know what happens next.

January 20, 2014

O’Grady To Speak At A Charitable Dinner

One of the great riders in cycling Stuart O’Grady will be speaking for the first time publicly since July after his drug confession. Stuart O’Grady who is an Olympic gold medalist confessed in the latter half of 2013 after the Tour de France that he had used some banned blood booster in the year 1998.

The gold medal winner has been invited to a charity dinner coming Friday and he will be giving a speech there. The time is just perfect because it will be before the weekend before the Tour Down Under in Adelaide starts. The fund raised from this special night which has been named as “Ride Like Crazy – Dinner with Stuart” will go to a Neurosurgical Research Foundation and Flinders Medical Centre Foundation which is supported by the South Africa Police.

Stuart’s case is quite similar to the legendary Lance Armstrong who has been banned for his lifetime due to the doping case which he still denies not to have been involved. Previously Armstrong was also invited to such a dinner raising fund program where he got a standing ovation.

With the Tour Down Under just around the corner Fairfax Media has decided to host this charitable dinner program at an apt time. It will however be a bit tragic for Stuart because earlier he had signed for a racing contract for the year 2014 which was immediately cancelled after he made his confession of using EPO.

Experts believe that had he not confessed then the Tour Down Under would have been his last professional ride in cycling and it would have been a hero’s sendoff. The dinner program will also feature two of the current riders namely Cadel Evans and Jens Voigt and also the legendary Chris Hoy who holds the record of winning 6 gold medals in the Olympics.