November 12, 2013

2014 Tour France To Feature Cobbled Twists

The recent declaration of 2014 Tour France route has raised great concerns among cyclists. Cobblestones are once again back for the Tour route the coming year which is speculated to bring in a dramatic twist in the race.

Cobblestones used to be a regular feature in Tour France initially given that majority of French roads was choked with small rocky chunks. As those roads started disappearing with passing Tours, the cobblestones became a rarity on the Tour track.

Christian Prudhomme, the Tour France director seemed to be highly excited about the latest revealed Tour track, insisting that the cobbled route would make the championship all the more thrilling.

“Cobblestones are a part of the racing”, remarked Pruddhomme. “It is very appropriate that cobbles would be featuring in the Tour.

The cobbles would cover 9 sectors spanning across 15.4 km of potentially hazardous and bumpy roads. The pave are considered akin to a bane for GC riders, particularly running Tour France champion Chris Froome or Quintana. Both of them hold exotic backgrounds sans any experience on cobbles.

Albeit Froome has got some experience on the cobbled patches during Paris-Roubaix yet Quintana is a complete amateur here. The cobbles will feature at stage 5 of the 2014 Tour France.

“It’s terribly risky to ride on the cobbles. Anything might go wrong here- crashes, mechanicals, punctures”, Froome seemed worried while speaking about the newly unveiled route for Tour France. “It is something for which we need to undergo specific training.”

The Tour France organizers are hopeful that the return of cobbles in 2014 edition will beget some additional drama that would be able to keep the tension taut all along the route to Paris.

“We do not wish to see 2 or 3 days sans anything happening”, stressed Prudhomme. “We do not wish the Tour France to get predictable.”

September 24, 2013

Wiggins Chasing Olympic For Fifth

Bradley Wiggins, a highly esteemed professional cyclist has decided to leave the road and come back on the track of after the end of the next session. Apart from winning the world famous cycling event Tour De France 2012, Bradley has won four Olympic Titles which is not at all surprising for such a brilliant sportsperson of Britain. He described that it will be a wonderful closing session of his career if it has a gold mark of next Olympic apart from which he is also chasing Olympics to move on to the fifth.

Sir Bradley Marc Wiggins is one of the prominent cyclists of Britain. He is the only one who has the interest in football followed by the Olympics in his teenage. It was the inspiration of his father who was also the pro cyclist and rode in many Grand Tours and in Olympics. Currently, he decides to ride again this year. It is not just because he is going too fast, but due to the last victory in the Grand tour and his injury that made him to work hard for the next winning if he could try for 2014 or directly in the Olympics.

Bradley has lost much of his weight and a bit muscles due to injury which is not at all the reason why he is getting late to appear for his fifth, instead he is taking the challenge and working hard to cover up the track in 2014.

Interestingly, Wiggins cleared that he was willing to support Froome who has really shown a remarkable wheeled action on the track of Tour De France this time. He admitted in an interview that Froome is really better Grand Tour rider than him. This encourages him to do much better in the last phase of his cycling career if selected by Team Sky.

September 2, 2013

A Schleck Success Story

Andy Raymond Schleck was a born cyclist and is seen more on the cycle than off it. Born in Luxembourg, he has been one of the greatest professional cyclists the world has ever seen. From one event to the other, he has been winning one title after the other and in the process leaving his mark on the world.

Cycling has been in his blood as his father was also a great cyclist and had won many titles during his peak time. Like father like son, Andy Raymond Schleck was not to be left behind and this meant that he has won as many titles and accolades like his father.

Though the youngest sibling, Andy Raymond Schleck had found great teacher in his father and his elder brothers and this meant that his training began right in his childhood. Taking inspiration from his father, he started cycling at a very young age and this made him a seasoned player within no time.

When he began his professional career, he ensured that he was a force to be reckoned with and his wins were a proof of his talent and professionalism. He soon was caught by one of the most popular sport directors, Cyrille Guimard and this saw the beginning of a great career for him – and he began to rival the football news in the belgian sports papers.

His talent was soon taken into consideration and this was the reason why he was soon amongst the top cyclists of the world. He was a great competitor at a very young age and there has been no looking back since then. His professional wins has left mark in the international circuit and seen him emerge as one of the greatest cyclists and has ensured that there is no blemish to his reputation. One title after the other and one win following the first one, Schleck’s success story has seen no looking back since the beginning.

March 8, 2009


With the launch of the 2011 range of Boardman Bikes happening on Thursday, we thought we’d give them a road test for our readers. These are the kind of bikes that pros like Lance Armstrong and Alessandro Petacchi like to be seen on!

The Boardman Road Pro Carbon, priced at £1800, will be the centre-piece bike of the Boardman Performance range, using the same frame design as the brand new Elite Seris AiR (aerodynamic racing) frame.

The Road Pro Carbon frame is markedly different from nearly all of Boardman’s previous offerings. It’s not even that close to the Elite AiR/TT/1 time trial frame which up until now has been the company’s only aero frame.

Starting at the front, the head tube is larger than you’d expect from an aero bike – the drag reduction being done through shape rather than frontal area. That means front end handling isn’t compromised too much compared to some ‘narrower’ bikes we’ve ridden.

All tubes, save for the box section chainstays, are smooth and airfoil shaped, giving the Road Pro Carbon a slightly stealthy look. The brake and gear cables fit neatly into the top and down tubes, where they’re fed through the frame until they’re needed.

Finishing kit consists of a Shimano Ultegra 6700 groupset with an FSA Energy BB30 53/39T crankset, zipp wheels with Continental Ultra Race 700x23c clincher tyres, Boardman Pro stem and handlebars and a Fi’zi:k Arione saddle. The size L (57cm) bike featured here weighed in at 7.83kg (17.26lb) without pedals.

All makes for a very impressive ride.