The Luxurious Are Indulging In Cycling As A New Hobby

Britain has found a huge fan following of cycling as it has increasingly become popular. It has become such a rage that the luxurious are opting for a cycle than Ferrari and driving it on roads.

The tribe popularly called as the MAMILS will be busy in the roads with the Tour de France beginning in Yorkshire.
The costume is going to be shorts and day-glo. The characteristic of MAMIL is that they are above the age of 35 and afford luxurious clothing. May be few years down the line they would have gone in to buy any luxurious cars but as of now they are gearing up for fibre bike which is carbon and cost 5100$. It is Michael Oliver a specialist in marketing who came up with a name called as MAMIL. In fact it is predicted that the word is marking its way to the dictionary.

The sudden change of hobby to driving bicycles has largely come due to economic factors that are playing its part and to cut off unnecessary expenditure cycling has emerged as the new trend in Britain attracting all classes. For health reasons too cycling proves to be very beneficial in getting rid of the excess adipose tissue and rich supply of blood circulation – its one of the reasons that more and more people are going on mountain bike holidays. The jaunts across the country are filled with riders during the weekends. Further the cyclists can also enjoy a tour when participating in the events by taking their family along.

Hence the new wave of cycling that has appeared in the neo colonial era is something very encouraging but care has to be taken of accidents and then during storm and rain it is better not to cycle. Otherwise lot of positives has emerged out of the new wave across Britain and hopefully other countries will follow suit.