UK cycling infrastructure is nothing compared to Netherlands’, reports

Britain would not present Dutch levels of biking facilities as well as investment till the twenty-third century, a top United Kingdom cycling charity has warned.

Te blueprint of the government to get more people walking and cycling in Britain would see this spend £316 million over the next 5 years, but the CTC told that the present rate of spending is just not enough.

The Cyclists’ Touring Club’s Paul Tuohy told that they have got this magnificent ambition for cycling and they want to alter the whole mantra on how they look upon cycling as a way of getting about. This is magnificent, but the numbers does not stack up. They does require a lot more investment to reach the levels they look for.

He added that their estimates are that if they want to get to the Dutch levels, at the present spending, that is going to take till the twenty-third century. That is not very good.

In Netherlands, a total of twenty-seven percent of journeys are made by bike, but in the United Kingdom, this number drops to just two percent. Netherlands spend £24 each person each year on cycling, whereas in the United Kingdom the number invested outside London is only £1.39 each person.

Amsterdam’s city cycling chief Iris van der Horst said that the first thing United Kingdom need to concentrate on making cyclists feel safe. You can plan and you can invest, but safety has to be the very first concern. You want everyone on their bike, from 4 year olds up to 84 year olds. It has been a success in Netherlands, but it did not happen overnight.