Yates Feel Armstrong Was Unfairly Treated

Sean Yates of Tinkoff-Saxo told BBC that his ex teammate Lance Armstrong was not treated in a fair way according to the investigation which was carried out by the proof of doping.

After the publication of report, Armstrong was banned and he himself confessed for the crime that he committed as far as doping is concerned. There were others involved as well but he was a huge figure was hunt was the biggest. Yates feel disappointed the way he was treated in comparison to others.

The decision was not based as per the mind of the individuals concerned henceforth, he is going to be put to rest and his name will be cleared in a matter of few years. Yates retired in October 2012 as the director of Team Sky and this season he is back with Tinkoff-Saxo.

He will be with Alberto Contador. However he wants both Froome and Contador to give his best shot. The recent traffic incident has also put the blame on him. His wife, Anna Hansen did accept the blame on his behalf for the hitting case of the cars in the parking area so that it did not turn out to be a national issue.

Lies have become a part and parcel of his life for which he is not taking up responsibility and yet on his living wall yellow jerseys are positioned. He is certainly not a bigger fraud as he points out. He is sure that his image will be rehabilitated and his aim is to reach the Senate. He already has various names attached to the crimes which he has to clear to get his image clear first. He is also trying his level best to win back his friends. He also clears the stand that his girlfriend did not dump him after the incident.