UK cycling infrastructure is nothing compared to Netherlands’, reports

Britain would not present Dutch levels of biking facilities as well as investment till the twenty-third century, a top United Kingdom cycling charity has warned.

Te blueprint of the government to get more people walking and cycling in Britain would see this spend £316 million over the next 5 years, but the CTC told that the present rate of spending is just not enough.


Hein Verbruggen Asked To Step Down By Cookson

UCI honorary President Hein Verbruggen would be asked to step down by UCI chief Cookson.

The resignation is demanded on the basic of a report that has alleged him of conspiring with Armstrong & other cyclists to conceal the doping offences.

Hein Verbruggen has been the UCI chief from 1991 to 2005 & still maintains a senior designation in the cycling governing body as one of the honorary personnel of International Olympic Committee. He has been accused of staying involved in one among the biggest hush-ups in the sporting history.

Armstrong to ride for Livestrong Fundraiser

Lance Armstrong is all set to ride for Livestrong Fundraiser for the first time since his disgraceful doping confessions that ripped him off all his Tour France titles. The Livestrong Fundraiser is a marquee event meant for collecting funds for cancer survivors.

The erstwhile cycling champ signed up for the charity ride on February 2nd. The ride would be held at Austin, Texas, where Armstrong had donated $5,000 donation & set up his Lance and Friends” squad with many long-time participants.

Yates Feel Armstrong Was Unfairly Treated

Sean Yates of Tinkoff-Saxo told BBC that his ex teammate Lance Armstrong was not treated in a fair way according to the investigation which was carried out by the proof of doping.

After the publication of report, Armstrong was banned and he himself confessed for the crime that he committed as far as doping is concerned. There were others involved as well but he was a huge figure was hunt was the biggest. Yates feel disappointed the way he was treated in comparison to others.

Bjarne Riis Wants Contador To Win Both The Giro And The Tour In The 2015 Season

The manager of the Tinkoff-Saxo team has set his goals for the upcoming season.

He wants Alberto Contador to win the Grand Tours and he wants Peter Sagan, who joined the team recently, to win the classics races. Riis and his team went on a climbing expedition to Mount Kilimanjaro and they returned recently after successfully reaching the summit of the highest mountain in Africa.


King Finally Released From Hospital Post Training Crash

Great news for Dani King fans- the leading Olympic champ has been finally released from hospital after almost 2 weeks post a traumatic training crash.

The much adored rider was hurried to hospital for surgery after she suffered 5 broken ribs and collapsed lung during her severe training crash early November. The leading Wiggle Honda cyclist, who along with Joanna Rowsell and Laura Trott won gold at 2012 London Team Pursuit, had to spend a couple of days in the ICU at Prince Charles Hospital at Merthyr Tydfil.

Columbian Women’s Cycling Uniforms Spark Controversy

There has been an enormous amount of media attention on Columbian women’s cycling team’s uniform that features flesh coloured part between stomach and thighs. It is being said that it attracting sexual attention to the rider’s private parts.

The Guardian went to the extent of saying that it resembled an “unwanted, half-dressed Barbie doll, hanging out of a bin.”

Steyleite , one of the defenders called the design ”Masterpieces of fashion ad feminism.” They added that “The world might not yet be ready for nude illusion yet, but give it one more season.”

Wiggo Contemplates Team Sky New Contract

Sir Wiggins is reportedly contemplating over new contract from team Sky that was offered to hi lately. The new contract has offered to extend the position of head of a Sky development squad to the 2012 Tour France champ.

Wiggins is slated to meet the Sky management on 16th September with the endeavor to sort out details of the new contract that would have him racing in 2015 as the lead of new development group under Sky umbrella.


Wiggo prepping high for RideLondon Classic

Leading male cyclists from different parts of the globe are all prepping up for RideLondon-Surrey Prudential Classic and so is Sir Wiggins. The 2012 Tour France hero would be spearheading Team Sky at this race.
Wiggo’s team includes Luke Rowe, Ben Swift & Ian Stannard.
The race would commence from around 1 pm on Sunday.
“I am very much eager for the race and excited to get my place back on road with Sky”, stated Wiggins while asked to speak a few lines on the esteemed race.


The Luxurious Are Indulging In Cycling As A New Hobby

Britain has found a huge fan following of cycling as it has increasingly become popular. It has become such a rage that the luxurious are opting for a cycle than Ferrari and driving it on roads.

The tribe popularly called as the MAMILS will be busy in the roads with the Tour de France beginning in Yorkshire.